SAP HANA Overview
SAP HANA is a high-performance in-memory database that speeds data-driven, real-time decisions and actions. As the data foundation of SAP Business Technology Platform, SAP HANA provides advanced analytics on multimodel data, on premise and in the cloud.
Top 10 benefits of SAP HANA
1. Complete: Includes database services, advanced analytical processing, application development, and data integration
2.Fast: Responds to queries in less than a second in large production applications
3.Versatile: Supports hybrid transactional and analytical processing and many data types
4.Efficient: Provides a smaller data footprint with no data duplication, advanced compression and reducing data silos
5.Powerful: Rapidly queries large datasets with a massively parallel processing (MPP) database
6.Scalable: Easily scales for data volume and concurrent users across a distributed environment
7.Flexible: Deploys in a public or private cloud, in multiple clouds, on premise, or in a hybrid scenario
8.Simple: Provides a single gateway to all your data with advanced data virtualization
9.Intelligent: Augments applications and analytics with built-in machine learning (ML)
10.Secure: Offers comprehensive data and application security, secure setup, and more
Innovate without boundaries on a database management system, where you can develop intelligent and live solutions for quick decision-making on a single data copy. And with advanced analytics, you can support next-generation transactional processing.
  • On-premise, multi-cloud, and seamless hybrid deployments
  • Secure, enterprise-readydatabase with more than 32,000 customers
  • In-memory machine learning to embed intelligence into applications and analytics
  • Single,column-oriented database for transactional and analytical workloads with any data type
Build data solutions with cloud-native scalability, speed, and performance. With the SAP HANA Cloud database, you can gain trusted, business-ready information from a single solution, while enabling security, privacy, and anonymization with proven enterprise reliability.
  • Fully managed multi-cloud environment with a seamless hybrid deployment
  • Cloud database solution that delivers scalability, speed, and flexibility
  • Connected, distributed data withoutthe need to collect it
  • Advanced data tiering to quickly manage performance, cost, and storage during volatility
Key Benefits Of An In-Memory Database
SAP HANA enables real-time data access and offers support for multiple data types andmodels.
Blend The Advantages of SAP HANA And The Cloud
Benefit from a cloud-native solution that delivers scalability, speed, and flexibility, while eliminating information silos with a single instance of data.
Simplify The IT Landscape And Scale Data Management
Experience an in-memory data platform that combines database, advanced analytics,data integration, and application services at a lower cost of ownership.
Augment Applications And Analytics With Intelligence
Deepen insights and situational awareness with broad, multimodal, and advanced analytics capabilities.
Innovate With Greater Confidence And Agility
Buildintelligent, responsive solutions with ease by combining analytics and transactional workloads, advanced analytics, and security to preserve privacyand trust.