Licenses Optimization services

ERP is an essential component of your company’s IT infrastructure. But their database solutions and applications have some of the most complex and expensive license contracts in Software Asset Management (SAM). Proper management of ERP licenses costs means knowing complex topics such as license metrics, deployment, usage, configurations, virtualization, and number of CPUs. These ever-present challenges in compliance cannot be managed with spreadsheets alone. Meet those constant challenges by gathering and processing high-quality data about your ERP licenses. Aside from simplifying your licenses’ complexity, strong data makes your response to an ERP OEM license audit more effective and more efficient.
The largest expense associated with ERP implementation is the licensing cost, as many companies do not optimize their ERP licenses. Two important challenges that organizations face in this regard are selection of the right category of license and managing their existing licenses effectively. The complexity of managing licenses increases with an increase in ERP systems and users within the organization.
Every year, The ERP OEMs conducts an audit of your ERP software licenses, to compare license against utilization. Most companies find themselves falling short of ERP requirements as they do not properly categorize their licenses as per audit and compliance agreements. Optimus by Hashtag Consulting is an ERP license optimization and auditing service which takes your holistic requirements into consideration when designing a comprehensive plan to address all your ERP licensing needs.