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we have successfully carved a unique position for ourselves as leading ERP strategist for a large roster of businesses. We've achieved this through the hard-work and dedication of all members of our team at Hashtag Consulting, and through its dedicated management.


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We are an emerging star in the niche ERP consulting and advisory space. We have carved out a unique position for ourselves in this specialized field as an independent, trusted, and unbiased consulting house that adds compelling business value to clients by:
  • Helping them to mitigate the risk of an ERP failure.
  • Supporting them to minimize total cost of ownership.
  • Serving them to maximize the ROI on their ERP investments.
As we know, Digital transformation today is a key buzzword for business growth and success across industries, and ERP projects happen to be a core component of such initiatives. However, distilling the real essence of what the process of Digital Transformation really involves, by leaving out all the hype that is associated with it, demands great teamwork from a talented team of specialists, who understand both technology and business and who can blend the two seamlessly to meet expected customer outcomes that translate into great business value for the client.
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Real Story

Hashtag’s humble beginnings can be traced back to a small one-stop consulting firm that took birth to meet some market gaps that have been responsible for a high rate of ERP failures across many industries in the past few decades. Through our range of niche and specialized services, Hashtag started making a mark in the industry and was quickly able to gain customer confidence within its client base, who could see and realize a clear value from its value-added solutions and services.
Today Hashtag is a 360-degree ERP consulting house covering a range of services that include business process consulting, multilayered ERP implementation services, structured program management, reliable change management, comprehensive ERP training, and more. Hashtag leverages its domain expertise across multiple industries and its exclusive partnerships with globally acclaimed players in the ERP space to roll out solutions that deliver a compelling customer experience.

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